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Title Insurance

When you buy a home, you’re buying the “title” to the property, which gives you sole, clear ownership. Title insurance offers protection in the unlikely but potentially devasting event that someone else, someday, makes a surprise claim on the property. Unlike homeowners insurance, it’s a one-time cost, not an ongoing expense.

Real Estate Closings

In Tennessee we call the event of transfer of title of the home a “Closing”. Other names for this event are “Settlement” and “Escrow Closing”. At this event the Buyer and Seller sign all of the paperwork necessary to complete the transaction. If you are the Buyer then you sign the paperwork necessary to obtain the loan to purchase the property and you pay whatever the difference is between your loan amount and the purchase price plus closing costs. If you are the Seller then you sign all the paperwork necessary to convey title and you receive the net proceeds. 

Estate Conveyances

Conveyance is the term used when property ownership is transferred from one party to another. It is also the name of the written document, a deed or a lease, which transfers legal title. As such, it is a contract that legally binds all signers to its provisions.

A conveyance is also the document used to inform the prospective buyer of any restrictions on the property and guarantee a clean title in advance of the final sale.

Help close your loan

Warranty & Quitclaim Deeds

  • Quitclaim deed: an instrument of real property conveyance that passes any title, interest, or claim the grantor has in the property to another party. A quitclaim deed does not make any representations or guarantees as to the validity of such title, interest, or claim.

  • Warranty deed: an instrument of real property conveyances that transfers the title of property from the grantor to another party. In a warranty deed, the grantor promises that the title is clear of any claims.

We're Mobile!

Life is busy! Especially when you're in the process of buying or selling, what with the packing, organizing, work, kids...sigh. 
THAT'S where we come to you. Wherever would make your life easiest is where we want to be. With our mobile closing service, we come to you, so you can get back to packing the dishes.

Mobile Closings!

Other Services

  • Notary Services

  • Performing Title Examinations

  • Preparing Net Sheets & Quick Estimates

  • Witness Closings

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